About AMS

The vision was clear from its inception in 1994. Analytical Management Solutions, Inc., would provide alternative solutions to meeting project management and controls needs for large projects by recruiting and developing the nation’s best expertise in project planning/scheduling, financial controls and project management systems. When founder, L. Alex Staley, partnered with world-renowned risk management consultant, Laurence E. Smith, in 1998, the practice areas were expanded, the vision was even more focused and the expertise more sophisticated.

Since then, AMS’ growth, while staggering, has been deliberately controlled, growing only as fast as performance would allow ensuring the highest level of service and quality. As a result, AMS is a true consulting entity, providing senior level expertise to organizations in areas where they require assistance. With emphasis on program planning, scheduling, financial controls, risk management and dispute resolution, AMS continues to lead the nation in providing the highest levels of technical and management expertise.

5900 Windward Parkway, Suite 510
Alpharetta, Georgia 30005
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E:  info@amssolutions.com